Terms & Conditions

A. About Us
Corvus Design is completely dedicated to providing a cost effective quality creative designservice. If you have any suggestions or comments, please email us at post@corvus-design.co.uk .

B. Making a Commision
The client should initially contact post@Corvus Design to discuss and brief the proposed project. An estimated costing will be submitted for the complete project.
A non-refundable deposit* may be requested per project required, this will be calculated, quoted and should be received before onset of any production. This deposit will be deducted from the final account on completion.

NB: Complex projects such as multi page prochures, newsletters, etc. require a higher initial input for the initial stages and will incur a higher deposit, this will be calculated and advised following briefing as the job demands.
Production is then handled in the following stages.
NB: All monies must be cleared before onset of any production stage*.
Services are offered subject to these conditions. In the event of non-payment, we reserve the right to cancel the contract.

designs will be produced, these may offer multiple design options at our discretion, together with notes and additional back up material if required, these will normally be submitted by email. Intended as discussion documents.
Client comments are encouraged and all positive or negative feedback will be welcomed.

2. Following agreement to design, a final draft design will be submitted.
3. A final quotation to total costs will be provided, Payment to 50% of this total fee will now be required, before proceeding to render stages and final illustration.

4. SECOND STAGE ARTWORK will now proceed, as per briefing and agreed design. On completion, a full proof set will be submitted by email and post. Should there be any final revisions or minor adjustments these will be corrected. Ideally these revisions should be supplied in writing as one document.
Excessive or extensive changes will void any existing quotatation and will incur additional fees.
5. Payment to the remaining 50% of the fees should now be received (less deposits)
On receipt of final payment, all digital files on disk, proof/s and all material required for print production will be supplied, to the client or their print agent as they require.
6. Clients may use the designs freely on any of the print material or website originally specified.
7. Copyright to all designs at all stages, remains with Corvus Design Services.
This does not effect the clients own unrestricted usage.
8. We may use the design/images in the direct promotion of Corvus Design Services.
Copyright can be sold on to the client if preferred, please contact post@Corvus Design for details.

C. Delivery Schedule
Following briefing, and estimated costings, a production schedule will be submitted, every effort will be made to ensure that this schedule is met in full.

D. Tax Charges
Corvus Design is not VAT registered.
E. Payments
Preferred Payment is by bank transfer BACS/cheque.
Cheques should be made payable to Corvus Design Services.

*Credit: 21 days from completion/invoice is only available to existing clients who have established a good payment record.

F. Discounts
Corvus establishes an automatic discount on larger projects, if the project meets this criteria, the client will be advised and offered discounted terms. The discount ONLY applies to accounts that are settled in advance, or for established clients, within our 21 day terms.
G. All goods remain the property of Corvus Design Services until paid for in full.
H. All files will be supplied for download or on disk, together with proofs that ‘prove’ print capability and values. Every effort is made to ensure that the print files perform to achieve their best results, and a variety of file formats will be provided. Should anomalies occur please contact Corvus and the required tweaks, adjustments or when possible resupply to a different format will be available.
It is the responsibility of the client or their print agent to fully test the artwork in situ using adequate pre-print checks or proofing, before embarking on any final production. No responsibility for errors, or their effect on final print will be accepted.
We are not responsible for any consequential loss or expenses.
I. If part of these terms is found to be unlawful, it shall not affect the validity of the remainder.